Why Train With Us?

“It’s not about age, it’s about stage”

Public Relations

Seasoned Public Relations Training With personal attention and service, you’ll have the information you need to be at professional PR Agent


Advanced Media Training Courses With personal attention and service, you’ll have the information you need to to venture into media


Confident Presentation Training Public speaking can be a daunting task, presenting even worse, but with personal attention and training we will make it a breeze.

If you have special requirements for your training which you would like designed for you, we can adapt a course or build something entirely customised to your specifications, which can develop the workforce holistically with exactly those competencies that your business needs – while also helping each person fulfil his or her individual potential.

Public relations is a serious profession. The Institute is here to set, promote and regulate the standards that public relations professionals are expected to meet and uphold. If you want to be a professional and if you want public relations to maintain the respectability it rightfully deserves, take your own professional development seriously. Continual learning through our CPE and CPD programs will keep you interested… and interesting. In today’s competitive market and era of rapid technological change and disruption, it is imperative that the public relations and communication professionals continue to learn new skills to adapt to the ever- changing environment, especially to keep up with the digital world and advent of social media.

Insights are key and we are guided by three kinds of research:

  • Research in public relations- to guide and evaluate communications programs (in other words, research for planning and measurement)
  • Research on public relations- to understand what we do and how we do it (which is bench-marking and best practices)
  • Research for public relations – the social science underpinnings of our work